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About CivilworX Constructions

About Us

CivilworX Constructions was established in 2004 and is dedicated to achieving the delivery of successful projects on time, within budget and to the highest standard. Our team has a high degree of expertise in the Civil Construction field. Our company comprises a strong list of resources and equipment that guarantees optimal client satisfaction.

With the management team possessing over 50 years of experience and an enthusiastic work culture, CivilworX Constructions is now at the forefront of civil construction in Victoria and will endeavor to remain there into the future.

Over 50 Years of Experience

CivilworX has a strong family connection throughout the organization and values each team member equally. The organizations family work culture is the basis for a smooth operating business and happy work environment for employees.

The safety of CivilworX employees and the community is our number one priority. Training and specific guidelines are measures that ensure hazards are minimized and guarantee all civilworX employees are skilled in their operations. Safety is never a sacrifice for CivilworX.

CivilworX Constructions is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the environment. Our commitment to the environment is represented through our continuation to develop our environmental team. We are also committed to uphold communication with all relevant environmental authorities to ensure that all environmentally sensitive issues in our project are managed and dealt with in a professional manner.


At Civilworx we portray teamwork by having a united sense of purpose to achieve a clear, specific goal. Our team seeks ways to improve the spirit of cooperation in our existing diverse culture.


Our quality of work is much dependent on every employee at Civilworx. We believe in improving the personnel first, which then will increase the standard expectation and hence improve the quality of work.


The level of enthusiasm our employees have in each task assigned is unquestionable. We give our full commitment and focus to any task, no matter the scale.

Superior Service

We work together as one to deliver on the promises we make and we pride ourselves on implementing our promises to provide a superior service to our clients within in the time frame set.


Civilworx has been built on a strong foundation of engineering experience. We have completed over 300 projects over the 15 years of operation and our management team holds over a combined 50 years of experience in the Civil construction industry.


The safety of Civilworx employees and the community is our number one priority. Training
and specific guidelines are measures that ensure hazards are minimized and guarantee all Civilworx employees are skilled in their operations. Safety is never a sacrifice for Civilworx.

Gary Gardiner Director Dip CE, FIE(AUST) CPEng

Gary founded CivilworX in 2004 and has over 40 years’ experience in the civil construction industry. Since its beginning Gary has overseen the company’s growth to see it now as a well-respected contractor in Victoria. Prior to CivilworX Gary held senior positions in other highly regarded Civil Construction companies in Melbourne. He has experienced in most facets of Civil Engineering, both residential and Industrial developments, main roads and project management. During his career he has developed a well-respected reputation with his clients based on trust and honesty. His passion for the industry has seen him have a strong involvement in the Civil Contractors Federation both at a State and National level over many years and is a past Branch President as well as a Life Member. Gary’s’ management and direction has helped to establish CivilworX as a leader in the civil construction industry and will insure company stability now and into the future.

Karen Gardiner – Financial Controller

Karen has been with CivilworX since its inception in 2004 and is the leader of the company’s administration section.  Karen is an integral part of the company and her passion and enthusiasm is essential in the success of the company. As CivilworX has grown so has Karen’s Importance in the organization. Karen is responsible for our overall financial position and administration of CivilworX.

Domagoj Modric – Senior Project Manager B. Eng. Civil (Hons.)

Dom has had over 20 years’ experience within the civil construction industry and he has established himself as a senior, experienced member of the CivilworX team. He provides high-level professional guidance for delivery of projects. Dom conducts himself in a manner that enforces the CivilworX values and he has formed strong relationships with all clients. His superior project management skills and experience with a proven record of project completions in a complex and constrained environment along with his leadership skills will help ensure the ongoing success of CivilworX.

Brittany Gardiner – Project Manager
B. As. Project Management (Hons.) & Adv Dip. Building Design & Construction

Brittany contributes a high standard of personal and professional integrity to deliver projects to completion and has outstanding problem-solving skills. She has proven her project management skills through the completion of projects to the highest standard. Brittany has shown that she has the capacity to coordinate subcontractors as well as liaise with clients and local authorities to ensure successful delivery of projects.

Kelvin Thomas – Project Engineer
B. Eng Civil (Hons.), B. Business (Management) & Dip. Project Management

Since commencing his engineering career in 2018 at CivilworX, Kelvin’s drive and enthusiasm has led him to become an important member of the project delivery team. Along with managing projects he assists the project managers in the procurement of sub-contractors and materials for their respective jobs from the initial tender phase till project completion. Kelvin has demonstrated his experience in project programming, cost and quality control as well as supplier engagement.

CivilworX Constructions has developed and maintained a strong professional relationship with its clients.